The Wizards Cookbook by Ronny Emborg Signe Birck4

The Sensory Kitchen : Ronny EmborgThe Sensory Kitchen : Ronny Emborg

The Sensory Kitchen,” is a cooking style that induces a full awakening of all of your senses. Claimed by Scandinavian chef Ronny Emborg, his thought process for every dish includes elements of visual, hearing, smell, and palate cleansing stimuli. Talking about a full experience, this rising chef is one of Copenhagen’s hidden gems. If being the executive chef at Marchal in the stunning Hotel d’Angleterre isn’t enough proof of his sensory cooking talents, then check out The Wizard’s Cookbook.


Emborg presents 112 detailed and picturesque recipes. Whenever there is beautiful Danish food photography, I know that Signe Birck can not far with her camera. The stunning imagery by Birck makes all of these recipes completely crave worthy. This book lets you peer into the heart and soul of Ronny’s kitchen as he expresses techniques both modern and new. For example: how to brew beer in a traditional Danish way and to create wine made with beetroots. Learn fermenting, salting, dying, and smoking. Expand your cooking repertoire and learn the secrets of chef Emborg. With a bold and modern style, this chef is making his mark on his community in Denmark and is on the fast-track for a world culinary takeover.

The Wizards Cookbook by Ronny Emborg Signe Birck2

The Wizards Cookbook by Ronny Emborg Signe Birck3

The Wizards Cookbook by Ronny Emborg Signe Birck4


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