Phone holder for your toilet with storage area

This toilet stool lets you rest your feet, holds your phone, and stores tissueThis toilet stool lets you rest your feet, holds your phone, and stores tissue

Picture of toilet stool next to a woman texting on the toilet

She needs that stool (Picture: Wayfair)

You might have turned your nose up at a squat toilet you encountered in a southeast Asian country during your gap yah, but there’s merit in squatting for a poop.

Research shows that crouching makes it easier to empty your bowels – and who doesn’t want a smooth, effortless poop?

But as most of us have western-style sitting toilets, it’s not possible to squat for a number two and no one is suggesting climbing atop your toilet.

So why not invest in a stool that elevates your legs and widens your anorectal angle, allowing a clearer and straighter passage for poop to pass?

You can do that with the Toilet Stool Tissue and Cell Phone Holder which does what it says on the tin.

The folks at home furnishing website Wayfair (among others) are selling small stools that you place your feet atop to mimic a squat.

But for some wild reason, the makers of the product, the Keeney Manufacturing Company, have added in a feature that holds up your phone so you can Netflix and poop.

Hold up there if you’re keen to add to cart, just ponder the reality for a second.

We’re already aware of the horror of our phone screens being dirtier than a toilet seat. Do we really want to take it into the toilet and scroll while we do our business?

And what if you want to pause or scroll, you’ll have to touch that germ-infested screen while mid number two.

If our toothbrushes have 60% of fecal matter (gross, we know), imagine how much residue you’d get from a screen directly in the splash zone.

Phone holder for your toilet, gross

Are you pooing unnaturally? (Picture: Wayfair)

If you’re not deterred then you might enjoy the product’s other features like the storage facility.

It comes with a storage area, perfect for placing tissue and wet wipes.

When you place your feet on the stool, you create an angle that’s better aligned to let stools pass through.

‘Squatting instead of sitting improves the alignment of your bowels by relaxing the puborectalis muscle,’ it explains on the website.

‘In a sitting position, this muscle can be tight around the colon, creating a kink and keeping the body from proper elimination.

Phone holder for your toilet with storage area

For those emergencies (Picture: Wayfair)

‘By lifting up the feet to a squatting position, this muscle relaxes and create a more direct path for elimination, helping to prevent straining that can lead to hemorrhoids and pelvic wall problems.’

The phone-holding feature is just for your entertainment.

It’ll set you back $24.99 (£19.01) but sadly though there are no delivery options to the UK.

We can only dream of smoother poops for now.


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